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Youth Investment Fund

Exciting Announcement!


AMAZING news for our young people!

KBSK has been awarded a life-changing Youth Investment Fund grant to Build our own youth space and to extend our youth service offer to young people across Cornwall. 

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Social Investment Business have announced that our service is one of the 43 youth services across England that have been awarded a grant to transform and level up opportunities for young people in the first two grant rounds of a Youth Investment Fund of over £300 million.  

The funding will enable youth services to transform health, wellbeing, skills, and opportunities for young people. It is a ground-breaking opportunity to prioritise the needs of young people and for youth services to develop and deliver the life-changing services they need and to create a more equal society for future generations.  

Our Youth Investment Fund grant of £400,000 capital and revenue will transform our service and means that we will be able to reach hundreds more young people when we open our doors.  

The new service will be to provide a social indoor area for young people. The space will be occupied by KBSK to provide a dedicated and purposeful space for youth. KBSK’s provisions seek to inspire and to create a safe and nurturing space for young people to engage in youth based activity. The centre will offer multiple services all under one roof to support children and families in times of need as well as a varied time table of activity to interact and engage with including dance, education, youth nights and workshops throughout the week. A space for the youth,led by the youth.

The Youth Investment Fund grant will transform KBSK services for young people and enhance the local area with the aims to combat the rise in anti-social behavior and to provide more opportunities for young people to achieve and reach their full potential. 

Young people supported by KBSK played a key role in developing this exciting new project. From youth led committee meetings over pizza to being creative designing the new center's mural over art based graffiti projects supported by Safer Bodmin and Bodmin Town Council. 


Founder / Managing Director - Adie Dove said:

“I want every young person that has a passion for the arts to access it, I want every young person to have access to a safe and nurturing space that provides life changing opportunities because every young person deserves that right. I truly believe that this new centre is going to be a beacon of light for so many and the Youth Investment Fund has made this vision a reality. 

New Project Launched 

Kick Back at the Cost of Living 

We at KBSK, with the support of Cornwall Community Foundation, have become a little fed up with how much the cost of living is affecting us and have decided to do something about it !!


So we are launching our Kick Back At The Cost Of Living Crisis project, Where we are determined to try and make these tough times a little less tough.  


We have an amazing team of people with a fantastic range of skills and we want to pull this together and level up our community. 


We will treat all of our community with no judgement and the utmost respect and in absolute confidence.


If you want to join the fight either for yourself, friends or family members please contact us. We are already making a difference to people’s lives and we want this to continue. 


We want to hear from you, together we can make a difference to each other's lives. 

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