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KBSK was formed by myself with my mum's full support when I was 15 years old in 2012. The focus of the project was to be able to share my dance learning through training with other young people who were not as fortunate to be able to afford the high cost of great quality dance lessons. I campaigned to politicians for more arts funding to be available for struggling families to no avail. 

I campaigned for change because I saw the pressure my training put my own family under to provide me with these training opportunities. I watched my mum cry with stress of not being able to financially support my dream. I watched my brother sacrifice hours of his own childhood in dance changing rooms waiting for me to finish a class or a show. I was lucky to recieve financial support from my wonderful Nan and great Nan and I myself cleaned toilets, so so many toilets.


In these times of Austerity I knew and felt great sadness of even more children and young people being denied the benefits, discipline and beautiful gift of the arts.Thus, the idea of KBSK was born.


When our small family pot was eventually exhausted I was helped by crowd funding, Bodmin Lions and Bodmin Rotary. Without the support of so many people, I would never have graduated from Bodywork's Performing arts with a Distinction Diploma in Musical Theatre.


This local community supported me to achieve my dream. I am working professionally across the country and returing only to share my new training with my students.

Over the year's as the project grew. So did my team.I am privileged and honoured to have other highly skilled professionals prepared to share their time and skills to the next generation.


I believe that every child who has a passion for the arts deserves the right to access safe training. That is why KBSK relies on donations. All profits go towards further training, dancewear and perfoming opportunities for the children.


We do not judge anyone from any background and we pledge to never leave a pupil behind.


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