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Meet The Team


Adrienne Dove Armstrong 

Founder | Director | Manager 

Adrienne graduated in Musical Theatre from Cambridge Performing Arts International. Adrienne has worked professionally with the likes of; Dua Lippa, Ashley Banjo, Written In Kings, Blue River, ITV and WARNER BROTHERS.


Adrienne has worked professionally on screen as a dancer appearing in music videos, live theatre as an actress 'FEAR', she has also been employed as a choreographer working with fresh new artist and bands along side this she has  created stage productions for award winning venues. 

Adrienne has been trained in many styles of dance; Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Commercial. 

Adrienne has taught at many different dance and performing arts schools across the country, including holding auditions for Cambridge Performing Arts International.

Adrienne established KBSK Performing Arts in 2012 and she is so proud of all of her students and is so grateful for the wonderful team she has around her that share the same love and passion as she has for kbsk performing arts cic. 


Emma Campbell


Bsc: social work and social policy +dipsw. 

Using my background in 19 years of experience of working with some of the most vulnerable members of society with children, young people and families and combining it with the financial difficulties wanting badly to support my own daughter with her dreams, as a single parent on a single income. I could envision how powerful the arts could be as a therapeutic tool and the difference and positive impact a project such as KBSK could have on Children and Families. As a social worker I found frustrations that too frequently services are aimed at people who have already found themselves in troubled times rather than prevention. KBSK is the very essence of type of service I have always believed wholeheartedly can and is making a very real positive difference to the endless possibilities of futures. As I acknowledged with my own children early on  'A child who has the confidence to hold themselves on the stage, will always have the courage to hold themselves in a job interview whether that is as a; kitchen hand, a top banker, a builder or indeed if they continue with their own passion for the stage. 

KBSK is special because it combines children's passions, with discipline, self expression, art. It brings families and the local community together in a positive way, it makes me smile to see families supporting each other and genuinely supporting each other's children when they do well. It recognises that it takes a 'village to raise a child' and it creates endless possibilities and dreams for the future where many would have believed their was no hope. I am so proud of my own daughter and her accomplishments and I am proud of our work. The biggest reward from KBSK for me, is now seeing other parents with the very same pride I feel, for their own children, the dreams they now share with their children and the realisation of the endless possibilities for their children's future. My greatest passion is seeing the joy we experienced as a family now being available to them too. If we can do it, they can too.


Wayne Drew


Hello my name is Wayne, I have two children who have been attending KBSK for the last 18 months. My role within the project is Treasurer, which means that I have the responsibility of looking after the groups finance’s. How the project decides to spend the money will always be the members decision. I’m here to assist in maintaining these records. Although this is not a position that has me involved with the children I regularly attend group nights and performances, helping out where necessary.I have spent more than 15 years supporting members of our society, adults and children, who have found themselves socially excluded, due to many reasons including depravity, homelessness and substance misuse. Through the years I have also volunteered my time to a local youth football team as coach/manager.KBSK offers its members, from all backgrounds, a weekly fun and safe environment where they can meet and enjoy spending time with children who, like them, all enjoy dancing. By learning routines and expression for performances whilst supporting each other, these children unwittingly develop their confidence and social skills. This has the ability to positively effect their character and enable them to confidently deal with life events.Social inclusion can positively effect those who find things in life difficult.



Amber Warne

Dance Teacher | Creative Partner 

Amber Warne is a dance graduate from the University of Chichester. Her passion for dancing began at age 11. She participated in multiple hip-hop and street groups throughout secondary school as well as taking GCSE Dance. GCSE dance was where she discovered contemporary dance, and this led to being a member of Cornwall Youth Dance Company. She left Cornwall Youth Dance Company when she began her Level 3 Expended Diploma in Dance at Cornwall College St Austell. In the two year course she developed her skills in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary technique as well as developing creative knowledge in choreography projects. Completing the diploma meant that she could audition for University where her next level of training began. At Chichester university she studied many modules as well as being apart of the third year Company '3Fall'. From this she developed a passion for teaching. Graduating with a 2:1 degree means that she can progress further with teaching, as she is embarking on a one year course at Plymouth University to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Her ambition is to teach in Secondary Education as well as running freelance workshops and classes for all ages.

IMG_3678 3.PNG

Mimi Emily

Acting Teacher

Mimi graduated in Acting from the Arts University Bournemouth.

Since graduating she has had experience in rural touring theatre and devising her own performances. Mimi has worked in outdoor theatre collaborating with English heritage where she has created immersive experiences and storytelling for all ages. Currently she is performing at the Eden project as a storyteller for their latest show.

Mimi is keen to continue to explore all areas of the industry and is particularly excited to be part of and work with all the wonderful people and talent at KBSK this summer.’



Natalie Drew

Volunteer| First aider | Safeguarding Officer   

I'm Natalie and i have two children that attend KBSK and they love it. My background is working with vulnerable women and children for the past 14 years. I have been involved in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults for this time. Also during this time I have worked really hard to work with and include people that are socially isolated and excluded within society. My role within KBSK is to ensure the children in our care are well looked after and make sure that they feel safe in the environment that we provide.


Sophie Swatton 

Fundraising manager 

Hi I'm Sophie, both my son and daughter attend KBSK. After watching them grow in confidence and skill over the past few years I am so happy to be giving something back by being a part of such an amazing team.

I am a creative daydreamer.

I love finding new ways to make things using various media and I like to think outside of the box.

I believe strongly that the arts are a fundemantal part of development for children but also adults too.

The possibilities to create are endless and it's so much fun!


I am a member of my children's school pta and have helped to put on events like discos, film nights and fun days.

I love throwing themed parties! So watch out for some fun themed events when any special occasion comes around!

I'm excited to form a new team of enthusiastic people to add some extra fun to KBSK and raise some funds for such a worthy cause.

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Emma Tabb


Hi I'm Emma. My daughter started attending KBSK about 18 months ago and I am amazed at how much she has developed - both in her dancing and self confidence. This is due to the wonderful opportunities given to her by everyone at KBSK and I wanted to volunteer my time to give something back. I can't dance for toffee(!) but i have a been a teaching assistant for 9 years and I  am a paediatric first aider. I have also received a huge amount of training with regards to safeguarding children and young people.Finally, I firmly believe in KBSK's ethos that every child has the right to access all opportunities available to them and I am looking forward to being part of that team. 

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