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Thanks to the National Lottery Community fund, KBSK will be able to continue our services reaching out to young people in social isolated situations, providing services to re build their self esteems and to give them the tools to continue to work towards their dreams. We can not wait to share with you the work we are able to provide through our 'building an artist' program over the next 12months all thanks to the National Lottery. 


We could not be more grateful to The Lions for supporting us. Director Adrienne received support from The Bodmin Lions as a child and without their help it would not have been possible for Adrienne to have gone on to receive the training she did. Due to this help Adrienne made a pact that she would give back to the local community in return then.. KBSK was born. Now years later the lions have been a huge support system again but this time to KBSK. They have donated a number of items; ballet bares, crash mats and T-shirts. We are so grateful to receive this support, Thank you. 

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All Videos

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