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Social Classes For All

KBSK Social classes were founded in 2012 which later formed the basis for becoming a CIC in 2018. Bodmin is one of the most deprived areas in Cornwall with one of the highest crime rates and classified as one of the top 10 most dangerous small towns in Cornwall to live in.


We believe the preventative action in the services of KBSK is vital for young people and our community.


KBSK has reached hundreds of young people unable to access dance training and our social classes have become an open and accessible space for families from low socioeconomic backgrounds. KBSK is now reaching over 100 young people and children a week, working with families suffering from financial and social deprivation. Many struggle with mental health issues and the children we work with have many complex and additional needs including children with autism, ADHD and children who are deaf and partially sighted. At KBSK we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to access dance, every child deserves a space to express themselves and to be given the right tools and equal opportunities to take forward to excel in life.


With the success of our children's classes we have relaunched our adult classes running under the same ethos. Supporting mental wellbeing and providing a space to be active for adults that finically wouldn't be able to afford to access fitness or dance classes.

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