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The Dove Foundation a Partner Organisiation to KBSK -  fundamental aims are to engage with aspiring artists and young people out of education or that are ‘hard to reach’ with a history of offending, victims of abuse, struggles with mental health and drug/alcohol addictions.


The ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity of redirection through music and the arts. Providing support through the whole process; from the professional creation of music to the releasing and promoting of the finished product, whilst providing the tools and support to process past trauma through a positive outlet.


The Dove Foundations provides a safe space to process trauma whilst encouraging and nurturing people's creativity as well as being a support system throughout their journey; resulting in positive redirection of their lives and offering an opportunity to platform their work as artists. 


The foundation continues to work directly with young offenders that have had direct links to county lines, serious drug addictions, violent behaviors and presented signs of PTSD.  “If I was offered this opportunity at 13, things would have been very different” - young offender 



To find out more go to 

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