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Building an Artist

Building An Artist is a programme to support young people with low self esteem and those who struggle with their mental health.


Through dance we have been able to incorporate confidence building & self-esteem building activities whilst setting and achieving realistic goals as well as providing safe spaces for children to be able to express themselves through creativity.


Through evaluation of our work we have found that KBSK has provided a safe space with 100% of our young people, children and families claiming improvements in both physical and mental health. We aim to support young people through challenging times and to take action especially working with children displaying multiple ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences). We pride ourselves on assisting with early intervention in such cases.


We use art and dance as the outlet for young people, to be able to express themselves and provide a safe space to be creative. Research demonstrates the impact music and dance can have on enhancing human health and the mental wellbeing of children and adults.


Our Building An Artist outreach programme has been delivered to 4 local schools within 12 months. Reaching groups of children struggling with mental health, whilst building their confidence and self esteem.

Building and Artist has also worked on a one to one basis with children out of education and in additional and special needs schools.


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